Q: What should be connected or enabled on my phone to use Orchestra of Lights™?
  A: In your phone's settings, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and your location permissions are enabled to get started.
Q: Do I need to purchase a WiFi Hub?
  A: Yes, a WiFi Hub is required. Orchestra of Lights™ will not work without it.
Q: How do I know if my smartphone is compatible with Orchestra of Lights™?
  A: Orchestra of Lights™ works with the following mobile devices:
Android: 4.3 or higher version, supporting 4.0 Bluetooth, iOS 9.0 or higher version
iPhone: iPhone 4s or higher version
iPad/iPod: iPad 3, iPad mini (1,2,3,4 series), iPad Air (1,2 series), iPad Pro, iPod touch (5 series)
Q: Can I use Christmas lights I already own with Orchestra of Lights™?
  A: Yes! If you purchase the Light Show Box with Speaker, you can add your own lights and decorations to your Orchestra of Lights™ light show.
Q: Do I need more than one WiFi Hub? What if I purchase multiple items from the collection?
  A: You only need one WiFi Hub for any combination of items you use from the Orchestra of Lights™ collection.
Q: How do I connect the Hub to my Orchestra of Lights™ products?
  A: Check out the Connect the Wifi Hub video tutorial in Setup Resources. It walks you through the connection process. There is also a Quick Start Guide in Setup Resources, as well as your product packaging.
Q: How many lights can I connect using the app?
  A: You can successfully connect between 20-25 Orchestra of Lights™ products to the app. You can also add your own basic lights with the Light Show Box with Speaker, which has 6 additional plug-ins.
Q: Can I use light strings indoors and projection spotlights outdoors?
  A: With the exception of the Wifi Hub, you can use any item from the collection indoors or outdoors! The WiFi hub is for indoor use only.
Q: What if my Hub isn’t connecting or I need to start over?
  A: There is a reset button located on the bottom of the Hub. Press and hold it for three seconds to reset your Hub and start over.
Q: Can I use a timer with Orchestra of Lights™?
  A: Yes, the app includes a timer with start and stop functions.
Q: Do I need a home internet connection to use Orchestra of Lights™?
  A: Yes. Orchestra of Lights™ works with your home wifi network (or the local wifi network where you are setting up your light show).
Q: Can I manually program my lights or do I have to use the app?
  A: The Orchestra of Lights™ collection is designed to work with the Orchestra of Lights™ app. While a few items allow for some manual changes, the app is the only way to enjoy the full range of options with Orchestra of Lights™.
Q: Where can I get the app?
  A: The free Orchestra of Lights™ app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.
Q: Does music play with Orchestra of Lights™?
  A: Yes! If you purchase at least one item from the collection with speaker capability, music will play. There are five items with speaker capability:
LED Projection™ Set with 3 Spotlights and Speaker
LED Projection™ Set with 5 Spotlights and Speaker
LED Tree Duo with Speaker
Light Show Box with Speaker
Outdoor Speaker
Each item is programmed with six classic Christmas melodies. Choose any combination of these to play with your light show. Or, you can watch the lights dance to your own music with built-in Bluetooth® technology! Just use the app to connect to your favorite music and play it with Orchestra of Lights™.